Monday, April 9, 2012

A to Z Challenge - H

This year my theme for the A to Z Challenge is an Alliteration Challenge.

I'm also challenging any commenters to the Alliteration Challenge AND it will also be a contest! At the end of the month, I'll select a couple of winners that will receive a $25.00 E-Gift Card for I'll be looking for the longest alliteration that makes sense and is clever and/or humorous and one for a letter that is tough to pull off an alliteration (or if no one is able to write one, I'll just pick one that I love).

Here is my alliteration for the letter - H

Humorous Holly heaved hollow Harry's harsh haughtiness.



  1. Here's my offering for today:

    Harry's health hiked hellward: he had hives, hyperglycemia, halitosis, hemorrhoids--heavens, hospitalize him!

  2. Henry Hudson, hippo hugger has heroic habits.

  3. While hovvering following words came up in my mind:

    Herewith historian Hilbert Hornet historicizes heavy humming Helen Hill helping hilarious Harry Houdini hunting hostler Herman's hallucinating horse Holy Hoof Heaven.

  4. Hello, I'm here from the hallowed halls of the A to Z heroes who will sing hallelujah when their high hopes are hit.


  5. So much fun!

    Hideous Horrace hoped heavenly Harriet’s holiday had happened happily- he hearted her!

  6. Haughty Howie Hamster held Hermoine's hefty ham; however hillbilly hootenannies harboured hairy, half-witted heroes who hacked hapless Hermoine's haggis, hailing haikus.

  7. Huffy Harry Hated Hairy Hermione's Hideous Hairy Hat. LOL.

    My A-Z

  8. How have hijinks harried happy hairstylists hearing hiccups?