Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Body Institute - Book Release!

I'm super excited to help host Carol and her book, THE BODY INSTITUTE, for her release today!  Congratulations Carol!  I'm hoping the  copy I pre-ordered arrives today!

The Body Institute
Release Date: 09/01/15
Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads:
Meet Morgan Dey, one of the top teen Reducers at The Body Institute.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, Morgan can temporarily take over another girl’s body, get her in shape, and then return to her own body—leaving her client slimmer, more toned, and feeling great. Only there are a few catches…

For one, Morgan won’t remember what happens in her “Loaner” body. Once she’s done, she won’t recall walks with her new friend Matt, conversations with the super-cute Reducer she’s been text-flirting with, or the uneasy feeling she has that the director of The Body Institute is hiding something. Still, it’s all worth it in the name of science. Until the glitches start…

Suddenly, residual memories from her Loaner are cropping up in Morgan’s mind. She’s feeling less like herself and more like someone else. And when protests from an anti–Body Institute organization threaten her safety, she’ll have to decide if being a Reducer is worth the cost of her body and soul…

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About the Author
I'm a YA writer represented by Kelly Sonnack of Andrea Brown Literary. My sci-fi novel THE BODY INSTITUTE explores the themes of society, identity, and body image. I live in the beautiful, green state of Oregon and have a Studio Arts degree; I'm an SCBWI member. 

You'll usually find me in my writing cave, surrounded by my dragon collection and the characters in my head. I also enjoy reading--mostly young adult novels--as well as drawing, painting, and quilting. I also attend writing conferences, walk with my husband, and enjoy music and dance of all kinds. 

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Winner of the August Spotlight Paperback and Pitch Wars

Wahoo - the winner of the August Author Spotlight for a paperback copy of Fallen Grace by Katie Roman is.....


Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy Katie's book!

Also, some of you may have seen me going crazy with Pitch Wars -  or some of you may have entered too! I can tell you, you obsess about it just as much as you do when querying - only it's a lot more fun.  Of course, I am so hoping one of those mentors will pick me!  If not, I will be back in the query trenches - which is more nerve wracking than fun.  :)

Anyone else in Pitch Wars this year?  If so, I am totally wishing you the best of luck!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monthly Author Spotlight: Katie Roman

I'm super excited to have the awesome Katie Roman for my monthly spotlight!  Please read on to learn more about Katie and her books!


Welcome to the Monthly Author Spotlight with Katie Roman!
Read on to learn more about Katie, her books, and where you can find her!

A paperback copy of FALLEN GRACE will be awarded to 1 random commenter! (U.S. only)

(To qualify, leave a comment by Tuesday, August 18th)

Spotlight Interview with Katie Roman

How did you get into writing?

I just sort of fell into it in the fourth grade. I was really into reading the Dear America books and I decided to write one of my own. It was really historically inaccurate, but that didn’t stop me from writing it. And once I started to write I just didn’t stop. From fourth grade on I wrote whatever I felt like and I wrote all the time, often ignoring school work to just get a little more writing in. When I was in college my writing waned some as I became solely focused on my degree, but the desire never left me and when I graduated I jumped back into writing as often as I could.

 Where is your favorite place to write and do you listen to music or need silence?

I really enjoy writing at Panera or the library. I find I am very easily distracted at home because the call of video games and Netflix is strong. I like to turn on Spotify or grab my iPod to listen while I write. I tend to listen to instrumental tracks or soundtracks because I don’t like to have people talking in my ear as I work.

How do you meet up with your writing muse?

Video games, my greatest muse is also my greatest weakness. I get a lot of my best idea while playing. I’ll just be running along in game and suddenly have a great idea for something. I remember starting to play the first NeverwinterNights (in which you’re trying to cure a plague) and I was only about five minutes in when I got a great idea for a story about a plague. I stopped playing and starting planning that book instead. I had the same reaction to the Joan of Arc campaign in Age of Empires II.

I’m also a lover of history, so I will sometimes come across some obscure fact or person and think “that’s a great story” and begin to work on new ideas from there. The problem this creates is I do not have enough hours in the day for all the ideas I have written down in notebooks.

Do you have any other books or writing we can check out?

The sequel to Fallen Grace is available. It is called By Grace Alone and picks up a year after the events of book one. I also have a standalone book, Mere Mortal, which is a paranormal fantasy book about a vampire social worker who is just trying to do her job even when she is being harassed by her deadly clients.

Do you have any sneak peek tidbits about what you're working on now?

Here is a sneak peek from the third Death Dealer book: Grace of the Goddess

Grace Hilren ran. She wore only her nightgown as she sprinted south on the king’s road. Her dark blond hair flew out behind her in wild streams. She knew the forest around her well. She’d spent the happiest years of her life in them. The sturdy pines, the lofty oaks, the lifeblood of Arganis was in these trees. She knew them so well she could navigate them in her sleep. She also knew this was not her forest. 

 She stopped at a fork in the road where there had never been one before. Sweat made her hair and nightgown stick to her skin. Down the right path was fire, eating away at her beloved trees, devouring and destroying anything caught in its path. To the left blood slowly crept up the path, drowning out everything, splashes against the tree trunks. Between the paths stood a statue of a great, black marble wolf, its eyes made of rounded silver. It was raised on a stone pedestal. This was not the docile wolf Grace remembered from the temple of Diggery in Glenbard. This image of the goddess of lost souls stood poised for a fight. It stood on all fours, hackles up, head down, ears flattened, teeth bared. 

 Choose, the statue said. Grace stepped backwards on the path. CHOOSE! The statue insisted. Grace watched in terrified fascination as the marble of the wolf cracked. Large pieces fell off, revealing a very live, very angry wolf. Its eyes shone bright like silver stars against the midnight black of its fur. It snarled and leapt off the pedestal toward Grace. 

          Grace woke with a start, kicking her blankets off in an attempt to be free of the wolf’s jaws. Her heart pounded against her ribcage. She looked around the room and was relieved to discover she lay in her chambers. Everything was as it had been when she went to sleep. She sat up on her straw mattress on the flimsy bed frame. Her night table had her porcelain pitcher and wash basin waiting for her to drink and wash her face. The trunk she kept near the door was open, showing her clothes neatly folded inside. Everything remained as it was when she laid down to sleep. It was a dream. A dream that was becoming all too familiar.”

Author Bio

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. As a child I enjoyed many of the same pursuits as other suburban kids—soccer, softball, band, etc.—but in fourth grade, inspired by the Dear America series, I began writing. I enjoyed writing my grossly inaccurate historical fiction. I filled up a lot of notebooks and ignored a lot of homework for my stories.

In 2001, when I turned fourteen, my parents dragged me to see Fellowship of the Ring. I had an aversion to LOTR thanks to the horrible Bakshi 1978 LOTR cartoon. At the age of four it scared me out of my wits and I refused to see Peter Jackson’s version. But my parents prevailed and took me, thus changing my writing life forever. Tolkien’s world reached me on a level other books hadn't. I’d always been a reader, but I gathered inspiration from him and my writing was shaped more toward fantasy, to worlds with their own histories, histories I had the power to shape. That same year a friend lent me Tamora Pierce’s Lionness Quartet and I became interested in young adult fantasy. 

After high school I struck out for college for the lonesome prairies in South Dakota. Despite the many papers and research assignments thrust upon me I kept with my writing, taking creative writing classes when they fit into my schedule. After four years looking at the plains, corn, and cows, I finally earned a Bachelor's Degree in History, with a minor in English. 

Since then I have returned to Chicago. And in November 2013 I published my first book, Fallen Grace. When I'm not writing I work, play video games, dogsit, play a few instruments poorly, and I still read copious amount of books. 

Featured Book

Fallen Grace

By Katie Roman

Branded a witch and exiled after a dishonorable display at the king’s annual tournament, quiet Grace Hilren is forced to uproot her life of luxury as a lord’s daughter and move to the slums of the port city, Glenbard.

But Grace carries a secret. Though trained to be a fine lady, she also learned to handle a sword and has made it her mission to eradicate evil and injustice where she finds it. Even in exile, Grace continues her work under the given name of Death Dealer.
Her nightly deeds bring her to the notice of the self-proclaimed King of Thieves, Marcus. When the king’s power is threatened by a rival named Mac, the Death Dealer unwittingly becomes a pawn in the struggle between thieves for control of the lower city. The game becomes dangerous as Grace realizes she may not be able to best this usurper.


Where you can find Katie

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