Wednesday, March 4, 2015

IWSG: How to Stop a New Idea!

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I've never had any issues coming up with story ideas - they just pop into my head from all over the place.  I always write them down in my story ideas document and then later I have a ton of ideas to choose from (or sometimes take multiple and weave them together) when I'm ready to start on a new project.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new story idea, nothing new, but this one will not leave me alone and I have two other manuscripts to finish.  The idea came to me from the Valentine's card my husband got me - it just all came flooding in when I glanced over at it a few days after Valentines.  I keep trying to push the story idea out of my head but I can't and I don't really want to think about that one until I finish the others. I did give in one day and start the first couple of pages just to get some of the things that were coming to me down and the voice (which is a unique voice) but it still won't leave me alone.  HELP!!!

Anyone else have this issue? And if so, what do you do when you've really got to finish other manuscripts (or what would you do)?

Happy reading and writing!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Submission Opportunities!

Here are some submission opportunities I've come across lately - I haven't heard of some of these so be sure and check them out before submitting.  :)

Harlequin Blaze - Open March 2-16th
This says you'll get a response within 45 days including editorial feedback!  (scroll down a little on the page to see the Harlequin Blaze submission section)

Sibling Rivalry Press - Open March to June

Fey Publishing - Anthology and Manuscript submissions

DAW Books (which I think is part of Penguin) they are always open but it might be awhile before you hear back.

One of the places you can use to check out these publishers is Writer Beware.  :)

Anyone know of other publishers currently open to submissions?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Winner! And Newly Updated #MSWL

I think I might be getting over my funk - I hope so!  I have a couple of items for today.  :)

Winner of Last Saturday's Spotlight
Thanks again to Pete for allowing me to spotlight him!  The randomly selected winner (from a random generator) for Pete Tarsi's Flipping the Scales and a $5 Amazon card is...

Stephanie Faris

Congrats Stephanie, I hope you enjoy Pete's book!  You can either leave your email in the comments or use the Contact Me tab to send it to me privately so I can send you the book and card.

#MSWL (Via Twitter)
Also, if you are querying or about to, check out the latest #MSWL from agents/editors to see what they are really, really interested in.  Of course, you can still query even if they don't mention your specific project (and they represent what you write) but something here might be exactly what you're writing and you'd have an edge!

Happy Reading and Writing All!